Poems in Punjabi

Poems can be used to introduce or practice new vocabulary, language structures, and rhyming devices. Singing songs and poems is a fun way to help students learn and remember words and sentence structure. 

When they sings songs with repeated words or choruses, they get a lot of practice with new words and sentence structures. This helps them remember these new words. Songs with a cultural or personal significance – for example, songs passed down in families – can have extra meaning for children.

Reference: Raising children

Poems written by Khalsa Punjabi School teachers and students

ਆਓ ਬੱਚਿਓ ਕਵਿਤਾ ਪੜ੍ਹੀਏ
ਬੱਚੇ ਬਣੇ ਕਵੀ

Poems by other writers

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