Students in Year 5 learn to read and write complex sentences, paragraphs. They learn to structure their writing with new vocabulary. Studnets also learn to read and comprehend stories and pieces of text. They engage in class discussions and projects to extend themselves.

Term 1

hands caring for the earth graphic

1. Spirit of citizenship

Students learn about and appreciate the work of volunteers in the community. In groups, they develop a community project that they can work in. They publish their research to educate others.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including a composting project, resources on recycling, stories and in-class activities.

Story- What did Saggi eat?

Story- Simran and Chiko make compost

Worksheet- Here comes the garbage barge

Worksheet- Recycling activity sheet

vote for democracy

6. I am inspired by

Students create a profile of a person they are inspired by. They use a template to conduct research and use this to prepare a profile. They share this with the class, obtain feedback and improve their work. 

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including videos, stories, discussion questions and research task. They learn about the life and work of Narinder Singh Kapany, Amrita Pritam and Milkha Singh to get inspiration.

Story– Anna Mani’s extraordinary experiments on weather

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