Stage 2 - Year 4

Students in Stage 2 learn to read and write in Punjabi. They listen to stories and poems. They engage in research tasks and interactive activities to extend themsleves. Students demonstate their learning by creating presentations and recording audio and video.

Term 1

festivals graphic

1. Fun with days and months

Students learn days and month names in Punjabi. They use this information to collaboratively create birthday invitations, festival brochures etc. They create a classroom calendar displaying the major school/classroom events. They conduct research to learn the modern calendar and compare it to the traditional Indian calendar.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials inculding poems, stories and interactive activities.

Blank calendar grid


celebrations graphic

2. Birthdays are fun

Students identify and describe key information about their birthday celebration and share this with their peers. In a group, they write descriptions of these celebrations over the years using scaffolds and present it to the class.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including classroom activities, story, games and video.

Story– Gul in space

Template for birthday invitation

Template for recipe book

Term 2

hands caring for the earth graphic

3. I care for the environment

Students learn about the new developments in recycling in Australia. They work in a group or independently  to conduct research and present information in a poster. They describe what they have found and deliver a talk to the class.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including vocabulary list, videos, research task, poem, listening task and speech and poster making activities.

Water conservation poster– sample

Pollution with plastic bottles– letter writing task

listen to a story graphic

4. Folktales of Punjab

Students understand what are folktales. They read and listen to traditional stories from Punjab written by Gurmeet Kaur and other authors.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including audio of stories, video and classroom discussion questions.

Storyboard template

Term 3

foods graphic

5. My favourite food

Students share information about their favourite food. Working in groups, they create a presentation or a book about their food for their peers, using formulaic expressions, modelled language and visual supports, and applying both language and images to achieve particular effects.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including a comprehensive vocabulary list with names of foods and ingredients in Punjabi. Also provided are videos, stories and a sstudent project.

Story– Lassi, kulfi or faluda

Template for a foldable recipe book 

famous punjabis graphic

6. I am inspired by

Students create a profile of a person they are inspired by. They use a template to conduct research and use this to prepare a profile. They share this with the class, obtain feedback and improve their work. 

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materials including videos, stories, discussion questions and research task. They learn about the life and work of Narinder Singh Kapany, Amrita Pritam and Milkha Singh to get inspiration.

Story– Anna Mani’s extraordinary experiments on weather

Term 4

family travelling graphic

7. I love travelling

Students create a bilingual resource such as a digital bank or glossary of expressions that can be used when travelling to Australia, Punjab or another country. They then participate in scenarios relating to travel situations, eg- asking where the nearest train station is, or asking directions to a tourist site.

Teaching and learning resources:

Lesson materals including story, vocabulary list inlcuding expressions, interactive game and class assignment.

Story– The time travelling river

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